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2018 – 2019


Chicago Section Chairman’s Message

Fellow members of ASNT Chicago Section:

Thank you for your continuing support of the NDT profession and ASNT Chicago Section! 

Welcome to your Chicago Section Yearbook for 2018 / 2019.  You will find our upcoming season’s Program Schedule, a Membership Roster, listings for the Section, Regional and National officers, and our supporting advertisers. 

ASNT Chicago Section had a great 2017 / 2018!  Among the highlights:

                  - For the second year in a row the Section attained ‘Gold’ level in the President’s Award program

                  - Nominations for individual awards were rewarded

                  - The Section experienced membership growth

                  - Chicago Section hosted a Section Leadership Conference

                  - The Student Outreach program held its first school visit and laid the foundation for upcoming visits

                  - The move to our new meeting venue, Crazy Pour, has been met with positive reviews

This year Chicago Section will be stepping up its efforts to make it into more classrooms for presentations, as part of the Student Outreach program.  We hope to host an Adult Education day, bringing in experts for presentations on evolving and new aspects and technologies in NDT.  An initiative has been undertaken to contact NDT Certificate Holders not active with ASNT and bring them into the fold.  We have a dedicated and positive Board that will be working on these initiatives, but know that your assistance is welcomed as well!  If you want to get involved please let me know.

I would be remiss if I did not extend my sincere thanks to the Chicago Section Board.  You make my job easy.  The support is invaluable and very much appreciated!

To all the NDT professionals reading this – thank you for what you do!  You do make this world a safer and better place!

Chuck Johnson


ASNT Chicago Section – Meeting / Presentation Schedule 2018 – 2019

09-10 – Jeff Diehm – Avonix Imaging - “High-Resolution / High-Voltage X-ray Imaging”

             Crazy Pour


10-10 – AWS / ASNT meeting – Bob Hay – Flood Labs – Construction Welding & NDT

             Bohemian Crystal


11-12 – Israel Vasquez – Vastek – Aerospace NDT

             Crazy Pour


12-10 – Tim Roach – Tenaris – Steel Manufacturing – Oil Country Tubular Goods

             Crazy Pour


01-21 – National President

             Crazy Pour


02-11 – Ken Downing – McNDT – X-ray at the Field Museum

             Crazy Pour


02-23 – DuPage Area STEM expo

             IIT Danada Campus


03-11 – Terry Clausing – Drysdale Associates – Thermography

             Crazy Pour


04-08 – Jean Bridge – Caterpillar – Global Training of NDT associates

             Crazy Pour


05-13 – Jas Sandhu – Santec – Composites NDT

             Crazy Pour


06-10 – Board meeting

             Crazy Pour


Need Adult Education date and subject – at Moraine Valley

Need Student Outreach locations and dates


Black = confirmed     
Blue = probable         


ASNT Chicago Section Roster

Jan Achenbach            Jawed Akhter              Imad Al-Qadi            John Aldrin                  Jennifer Anaya           

John Anderson.           Ralph Anderson           Todd Anderson            David Anthony           Haitham Aouda          

David Archer               David Atkins                Michael Bailey            Kevin Baker                 Justin Bator

Steven Barton            Justin Bator                 Carol Bein                   Stephen Berg.            Paul Berlin                 

Richard Bernardi        James Bicek                Stephen Black             Ken Boden                   H G Bogart

Stephen Borcik            Jaime Bregaudit          Jean O Bridge            Linda Chase Brissey    Kendall Brooks           

Michael Brown.           Kevin Brox                   Guy Cameron              Patrick Cassidy           Eugene Chemma       

Michael Chiappetta    Glen Chonko.                Michael Chopik           Peter Chval                 Daniel Cleary                      

Derek Coleman           Zayna Connor              Ron Cuff                      Mitchell Cummins       Paul Deeds                 

David Doyle               Thomas John Eason     Scott Ericksen              Mark Erlanson.            Dong Fei                     

Candice Feit                Robert Fink                Richard Fitzpatrick      Harry Lee Flora          Michael Flores

Eugene Forkin             Mark Frutig                 Stephen Garrett           David Geis                 Emily Gibbons            

Steve Groeninger        Thomas Hackler          Michael Hansen            Robert Hay                Jacques Hoffmann     

John Edward Horn       Thomas Huber.           Timothy Hughes          Drew Huisman            Costica Iftimie                     

Bruce Isaacson            Charles Johnson          Kent Johnson             Matthew Joyce            Glenn Kastler             

Michael Kelley             Lawrence Kessler        John Killion                John Kinsman.            Stuart Kleven              

Igor Komsky                Sam Korel                    John Korienek            Harold Koudelka          Ronald Kruzic

Gerald Kulchytsky       Kevin Kupitz                Steve Kupitz               Randy Lachermeier     Brian Laite                  

Ronald Laurin             William Leese               Margarit Lozev            Cindy McCain              Jim McCain                

Sharon McKnight        Jeffrey McLaughlin.      Patrick McQuillan       Joseph Meyers            Ronald Mika                        

Raymond Momsen        Michael Murray            Steven Nelson            Kaylie Page                 Jonathan Pasqua        

Mihirkumar Patel         Michael Pelegrino         Ana Perez                  Edward Piecko           John Popovics             

Salahuddin Razi           Nathaniel Rende           Lou Rofrano               Elias Sabbagh             Jaswinder Sandhu

Jared Sawyer               Sascha Schieke            Cynthia Schmidt          Carl Schulz                Tim Sears                   

Vinaya Sharma.            Christopher Shopoff    Deborah Shreve          Andrew Smith             Charles Smith             

Kathleen Stearns         Michael Steele            Mike Sternik                Cheri Stockhausen      Lawrence Strouse               

Charles Symeonides    Michael Szumilas        Epitacio Torres-Garcia  Laura Turner               Israel Vasquez            

Edward Vojcak            Robert Wahlen            Scott Waller                 Ke Wang.                    Mike Weingart           

Thomas Wilcox           Ethan Williams             Kevin Woloszyk           Amanda Young            Linxiao Yu

Donald Yuhas              James Zilinger             Edward Zofkie


ASNT National Officers

Board of Directors 2017 - 2018 

Name                                                 Position

David Bajula                        Chairperson of the Board

David Mandina                     President

Scott Cargill                         Vice President

David Savoy                         Secretary / Treasurer

Mohammed AbuFour            Director At Large

John Z Chen                        Director At Large

B Boro Djordjevic                Director At Large

John Duke, Jr                      Director At Large

Gregory Garcia                    Director At Large

Mohsen Hassanein               Director At Large

Michael McGloin                  Director At Large

Marybeth Miceli                   Director At Large

C Deal Moore                       Director At Large

Martin Anderson                  Council Director

Danny Keck                         Council Director

Yi-Cheng Pan                       Council Director

William Via, Jr                     Council Director

Arnold Bereson                    Executive Director

ASNT Domestic Regional Directors

 Region                Name                        email address

Region #1                 John Moran                          Email:

Region #2                 Larry Mullins                        Email:

Region #3                 William F. Via, Jr.                Email:

Region #4                 William F. Via, Jr.                Email:

Region #5                 Hussein Sadek                      Email:

Region #6                 Ahmed Hassen                     Email:

Region #7                 Dick Hooper                         Email:

Region #8                 David Savoy                          Email:

Region #9                 Joseph R. Clasen                  Email:

Region #10               David R. Bajula                    Email:

Region #11               Brenda Collins                      Email:
Region #12               Yi-Cheng (Peter) Pan            Email:

Region #13               Mark Dahn                           Email:

Region #14               Brad Hoskins                        Email:

Region #15               Michael McGloin                   Email:

Region #16               Emery Roberts                     Email:


Regional Director – Region 12

Dr. Yicheng Peter Pan – Emerson Automation Solutions -


Chicago Section Officers

Chairman:                        Chuck Johnson – Karden Sales & Consulting -

Vice Chairman:                 Sal Razi – Moraine Valley Community College -

Secretary:                        Stuart Kleven – Alloyweld Inspection -

Treasurer:                        Jennifer Anaya – Alloyweld Inspection -

Communication Chair:      Mike Chopik – Chemring Energetic Devices -

Membership Chair:           Jared Sawyer – Circle Systems -

Student Outreach Chair:   Steve Kupitz – Karden Sales & Consulting -

Yearbook Chair:                Chuck Johnson – Karden Sales & Consulting -


Vendors, Advertisers and Benefactors of ASNT Chicago Section

                                                                                                                                 Berg Engineering