​​On Thursday, August 23, 2018, Jennifer Anaya and Stuart Kleven of Alloyweld Inspection Company visited Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois to participate in the International Atomic Energy Agency-Argonne “Regional Training Course for Teachers to Introduce Nuclear Sciences in Secondary Schools Through Innovative Approaches.”

The course lasted two weeks and involved visits to nuclear facilities such as D C Cook nuclear power plant and various Argonne experiments on site.   Attendees included 32 different secondary school teachers and curriculum developers from 17 different countries.  As part of the two-week course, Non-Destructive Testing was highlighted on one of the days.  Jennifer Anaya, Vice President of Alloyweld Inspection presented on the use of radiation in industry.  Her discussion focused on the basic fundamentals of radiography using film, computed radiography with phosphor imaging plates, direct radiography using digital detector arrays and computed tomography.  Ms. Anaya also touched on other Non-Destructive Testing methods, giving attendees a glimpse of the breadth of their applications.  Her presentation demonstrated how NDT processes are implemented in industry, enhance product integrity and insure public safety.  Jennifer also highlighted how a career in NDT can impact a person’s standard of living, with stability and security in a viable and important industry.  She also stressed the ability for women to be involved in the nondestructive testing industry; highlighting the training, experience and qualification requirements for certification.

Jennifer Anaya addressing participants at the

Argonne National Laboratory, IAEA Teachers Training Course

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     Last year Jennifer received the award for Advancement of Women in NDT