2017 - January

 Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales, Chicago Chairman (left) expresses appreciation to

David Bajula, President of ASNT for his informative and motivating presentation.

The Chicago Section of ASNT met on Monday, January 9, 2017 with nineteen guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois.  The guest speaker was David Bajula, President of ASNT and is employed by US NDT Services-Acuren.

David is an ASNT Level 3 in all methods and has a number of other qualifications from other countries as well.  His talk for the evening was “ASNT Initiatives for 2017.”  One of the key areas that ASNT National will be working on is the ASNT Central Certification Program.  It is a goal to expand to meet the ISO-9712 requirements and provide for harmonization worldwide.

David called for more participation from members and cited that there is a need to expand the core of individuals that comprise the committees, develop examinations and write the handbooks.  It was noted that approximately 1000 people are consistently involved at the Section level out of about 16,000 ASNT members total.  He mentioned the various committees that members could become involved with and stressed the importance of new voices and perspectives throughout the Society’s vertical.

Another area for development is providing performance based examinations and an audit group that would oversee accredited companies under an ASNT based program.  David is also promoting a level 4 certification.  This level would be based on a minimum 20 years’ experience of performing nondestructive testing in three industries and a qualification by interview and questioning by an ASNT board of experts. The final topic David discussed was the ASNT Center for Excellence, which would be open to industry use for training and ASNT/ISO accreditation.

Previous Meetings - Pictures and Overviews

2017 February

Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales, Chicago Section Chairman (left)

expresses appreciation to Stuart Kleven of Alloyweld Inspection Company

with the presentation of an ASNT polo shirt.

The Chicago Section of ASNT met on Monday, February 13, 2017 with twenty-two guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois.  The guest speaker was Stuart Kleven, from Alloyweld Inspection Company, a commercial NDT laboratory. 

 Stuart is an ASNT Level 3 in four methods and an AWS CWI.  His talk for the evening was entitled “Understanding Defects.”   The discussion started out with definitions of the various terms used, such as indication, discontinuity, relevant, non-relevant, true and false indication, linear, rounded, defect, and aspect ratio.  He used the ASTM definitions from E1316 to describe each term.  Three specific areas were addressed with regard to causes of defects: inherent, processing related and service related types. He then discussed the importance of understanding the various steel making and manufacturing processes that can cause indications and what to expect or anticipate from each process.  He highlighted, forgings, sand and investment castings, brazing, grinding, heat treating, welding, extrusions, explosion cladding, friction stir welding, composites, press forming, ring rolling, steel making and continuous casting.  Numerous examples of each type of defect were presented to demonstrate what type of response NDT obtains from the various manufacturing methods, steel making processes as well as service failures.

2016 - December

Stuart Kleven (left) of Alloyweld Inspection presents Brenda Collins of Magnaflux Corporation with a plaque representing the Chicago Section,

with John Korienek (right) of Calumet Testing, of the Chicago Section with more than 37 years as a member.

On December 12, 2016, ASNT Chicago Section hosted Brenda Collins, Regional Director of Region 12.

Brenda presented on “75 Years of ASNT…On to the Next 75”.

Her presentation included a video that was presented at the Fall Conference that showed the history of ASNT.

She also gave a presentation from the Annual Business Meeting.

The attendees were excited about the Computer Based Training and also the partnerships that ASNT is forming with other Societies.

There were 18 members and guests in attendance.

2016 - October

The Chicago Sections of AWS and ASNT met for a joint meeting on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 with 43 members and guests in attendance,

at the Bohemian Crystal Restaurant in Westmont, Illinois.

The guest speakers, Steve Fults and Rick Evers of Special Inspections, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri discussed the topic “Flaw Sizing with NDT – Ultrasonics”.  Steve gave an excellent introduction to ultrasonic inspection of welds and discussed the factors affecting the test such as transducer diameter and frequency, beam spread, near zone, instrument calibration, and critical flaw size, as well as detection and flaw sizing techniques.  Next he displayed a number of illustrations of signal patterns from various types of flaws such as cracks, slag, porosity and lack of fusion. Scanning techniques were highlighted and specific transducers used, including AWS snail type, mini, pitch-catch and Lucite standoff types.  The difference between sensitivity and resolution was demonstrated using the three holes in the IIW block. Various codes (ASME, AWS and API) were compared showing the differences for defect size and length.  Rick demonstrated the use of A-scan and phased array using a large monitor connected to the ultrasonic units on a variety of test blocks and sample defect specimens so the audience could see the effects of different parameters on the test being employed. 

Finally, Steve reviewed the work they performed on the new roof trusses for the Miami Dolphins stadium.  Special Inspections was in charge of all the shop weld inspections which included 100% visual inspection, 10% magnetic particle and 100% ultrasonic inspection of all complete joint penetration welds.  Coating inspection was also part of the scope of work. The inspection covered up to 18,500 tons of steel and generated approximately 3,500 test reports of the various welded structures, some of which were six to eight inches thick and had up to two miles of welding on them. The work took 14 months to complete, working double shifts for 8 months to complete the project on time.

AWS & ASNT Group Picture

American Society for Non-Destructive Testing


2017 March

Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales, Chicago Section Chairman (left)
expresses appreciation to
Larry Strouse of the Federal Railroad Administration.

​The Chicago Section of ASNT met on Monday, March 13, 2017 with eighteen guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois.  The guest speaker was Larry Strouse, from the Federal Railroad Administration, part of the Department of Transportation. 

Larry is an ASNT Level 3 in six methods and is an AWS CWI and is ASQ certified in 5 disciplines and an ASNT Fellow.  His talk for the evening was entitled “Nondestructive Testing in the Railroad Industry – A Federal Perspective”.   The discussion detailed the various activities of the Federal Railroad Administration, especially with regards to tank cars and the HAZMAT regulations governing the inspection of them.  Specific inspection intervals are set out and a number of NDT methods are recognized, such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonics, radiography and visual inspection.  The AAR (American Association of Railroads) is responsible for having qualified repair shops to carry out the inspections under Appendix T of their regulations.  

 Larry indicated that there are about 350,000 to 400,000 tank cars in service and about 350 repair stations with the USA, Canada and Mexico. A single accident can be catastrophic, so probability of detection studies are being conducted to try to set a 90% confidence level that cracks will be found.  Efforts are underway to try to reduce the critical flaw size through the use of nondestructive testing. The personnel qualifications are called out as SNT-TC-1A, however, the CP-189 requirements are applied so that the hours and training are mandatory rather than a recommended practice.

2017 May​​

Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales, Chicago Section Chairman (left)

expresses appreciation to
Matthew Roberts of Virtual Media Integration.

​The Chicago Section of ASNT met on Monday, May 8, 2017 with twenty two guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois.  The guest speaker was Matthew Roberts from Virtual Media Integration, a supplier of computed radiographic systems.  Matthew is the sales manager for VMI.  His talk for the evening was entitled “Computed Radiography – Past, Present and Future”.   The discussion addressed the history of computed radiography from the early 1980’s till today. Matthew described the various types of computed radiography units and the resolution capabilities as well as bit depths used on the various systems.  He also addressed the codes and standards that have embraced the technology and what may be in store for the future.

2017 April

Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales, Chicago Section Chairman (left)

expresses appreciation to

Nils Hase of Comet Technologies

The Chicago Section of ASNT met on Monday, April 10, 2017 with eighteen guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois.  The guest speaker was Nils Hase, Sales Manager from Comet Technologies, a manufacturer of x-ray  tubes.  Nils talk for the evening was entitled “Portable and Industrial X-Ray Production - How X-Rays are Actually Made?”.   The discussion detailed the various types of x-ray tubes and the intricacies behind each type.   His review compared the glass and metal ceramic types and efficiencies as well as the effect of focal spot size on cooling requirements and future plans for advanced designs.

2016 - November​

Craig Hampson, Dale Coyne Racing Engineer (left), Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales and ASNT

Chicago Section Chairman (center) and Michael Cannon, Engineer, Dale Coyne Racing Engineer (right)
On November 14, 2016 ten members of the Chicago Section of ASNT attended a tour of Dale Coyne Racing in Plainfield, Illinois.  The Dale Coyne Racing team runs three Indy cars at races around the country, including the Indianapolis 500.  The shop engineers and technicians demonstrated the use of wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspection and fluorescent water washable liquid penetrant on various parts, such as alloy steel steering struts and titanium nuts and bolts along with a variety of other parts.  The attendees were able to get up close and view the cars and special motors and transmissions as well as the multitude of composite parts that make up the air foils on the car.  Every car has a large number of sensors that provide feedback to the pit crew during the race, including tire pressure and temperature, G-forces, engine information and driver information.  The steering wheel manages a number of operations including shifting of the engine. 

Chicago Section

2017 June

Members of the Chicago Section at June organizational meeting.

Front row: Derek Coleman, Scot Forge; Jean Bridge, Caterpillar; Linda Brissey of PSI (holding the Gold Presidents Points Award); Lin Yu, Bp.Second row: Ron Mika, Retired; Stu Kleven, Alloyweld Inspections, Chuck Johnson, Karden Sales; Pete Chval, South Park Enterprises; Mike Kelly, Olympus; Tim Sears, Acuren

The Chicago Section of ASNT met on Monday, June 12, 2017 with ten members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois.  The meeting was an organizational session to set up the schedule for the 2017-2018 season. 

 Ideas to boost attendance were discussed and a number of thoughts were documented.  Recent Student Outreach efforts met with mixed results.  While Career Days at a couple of high schools were well attended, the ‘Teachers Night’ did not yield any responses. Derek Coleman of Scot Forge will be heading up this program for the upcoming season.  Obtaining advertisers and sponsors for the local section website and meetings will be under the direction of Mike Kelly of Olympus.  Sal Razi from Moraine Valley Community College will be leading the Adult Education.  Chuck Johnson will be serving as chairman again as well as handling the yearbook.  Mike Chopik will continue to manage the website.  Due to Stu Kleven of Alloyweld’s efforts, the 2017 – 2018 program schedule is already 75% filled with very relevant talks, both basic and with excellent research content.